Urban Planning Advisory Committee (CCU)

The CCU is made up of one municipal councillor and six citizens. The Committee guides the Municipal Council in decisions related to urban planning.

Advisory body

The director of the Urban Services sits on the Committee in the capacity of secretary and technical expert, but is not entitled to vote. Members are nominated to the Committee by the Municipal Council.

The CCU is an advisory committee and its contribution to land use and development is of crucial importance to the Municipal Council and, ultimately, to citizens. Committee powers include:

  • Minor derogations
  • Architectural integration and implementation plan (PIIA)
  • Conditional uses
  • Specific construction project or alteration to a building (PPCMOI).


Note that the Municipal Council may submit to the CCU any other pertinent land issue. The Committee meets once a month (except in July). However, the Municipal Council can decide to convene special meetings when deemed appropriate.