Snow removal / Parking

To ensure quality service, the City had a policy that specifies its snow removal interventions.

Four ways to find out :

  1. Subscribe to the citizen alerts on the City’s website. As soon as snow removal operations begin, an email or SMS is sent. This is the most efficient means!
  2. Telephone the info-snow line at 418 878-6344.
  3. Consult the City website.
  4. Observe the illuminated signs.


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To ensure quality service, the City had a policy that specifies its snow removal interventions.  

Policy : Picto_ICI.jpg (6 KB)                   


Snow Removal

  • 0 to 5 cm
    Our crews are assigned to spreading abrasive substances on main streets, hills and curves.
  • 5 cm and more
    Snow removal operations begin. Our crews work as quickly as possible to cover the entire territory, first starting with main roads. Depending on the amount of snowfall, more than 5 cm of snow may be observed in your street before the snow removal crews arrive in your area. In extreme winter conditions, snow removal and de-icing are carried out on the basis of available resources and as continuously as possible. 

Complete snow removal on local roads

Usually, the volume of traffic on residential streets and local roads is low. Complete snow removal is limited to main roads and some local streets with specific restrictions. On most streets, snow removal consists of plowing the snow to each side. In the event of heavy rainfall or snowfall, snow may be plowed or blown on adjacent land.   

Winter parking

Vehicles may be parked on all streets in the City except during snow removal operations and when signage forbids it.


Vehicles contravening the Snow removal and winter parking by-law in the Centre sector (village) will be towed to the Delphis-Marois parking lot, at the owner’s expense. Vehicles in the Bocages sector will be towed to the Jean-Marie-Roy Community Centre parking lot, at the owner’s expense.

Parking lots

Many free parking lots are available when snow removal operations take place,

Bocages sector

  • Centre communautaire Jean-Marie-Roy : 4950, rue Lionel-Groulx
  • Centre communautaire les Bocages : 4850, rue du Sourcin


Centre sector (village)

  • Centre Delphis-Marois : 300, rue de l’Entrain
  • Complexe sportif multifonctionnel : 230, route de Fossambault
  • Rue Jean-Juneau face au terrain de soccer· Rue des Grands-Lacs, à côté de la rue du Vitrier

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