License Application

Different kinds of authorizations and permits may be required to carry out certain types of work within the territory.

License Application

Simplified rules and regulations

Rules and regulations


A permit is generally issued within 30 days or less, except in cases where the permit or certificate is subject to the Architectural integration and implementation plan (PIIA) or the need to obtain a minor derogation. In such cases, the delay is longer. 

The issuance of a permit or certificate does not constitute a document of compliance with the Quebec Construction Code or Building Code. The applicant is responsible for respecting and complying with any external regulatory provisions that may apply to his project.   

With the exception of work identified in the by-law, no permit is required for minor renovation work such as painting, replacing shingles, changing cupboards, flooring, wall cladding, a gallery or a patio. When in doubt, contact the Urban Services.

Steps to follow

This is the form to complete to obtain a general permit.

Simply email to this address: Follow-up will take place quickly by telephone or email. It is also possible to contact the Territory Management Department directly at 418 878-4662 Ext. 5412.

You can pay for your permit at City Hall (cash, debit or cheque) or make a cheque payable to “Ville de Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures”.

Form: click here! 

Water meter

Some buildings in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures must install and buy water meter.

For more informations

To consult the regulation

Peddler’s license

It is mandatory for any individual who sells services or items door-to-door within the territory of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures to obtain a peddler’s license from the Treasury Department. The cost is $100.

The applicant must also hold a permit issued by the Office de la protection du consommateur (consumer protection office), in addition to presenting his driver’s license and licence plate number to the municipal officer.

The license is not required for non-profit organizations, a salesperson at an agricultural, commercial or artisan’s fair, a person legally entitled to sell lottery tickets or the owner of a mobile canteen. 

Under no circumstances does the City mandate or endorse a business of any kind. The City invites citizens to use extreme caution when dealing with peddlers.